Ashley Madison: Is It A Scam?

If you joined AshleyMadison, or are thinking of joining their service, I’m going to guess that your goal is to meet an attractive person to meet up with… 

That IS the point of a site like AshleyMadison.com, right? 

I’m going to go one further and wager that you are NOT hoping to sign up with AshleyMadison to spend your time and hard-earned money looking at and emailing fake profiles…  Nor do you want to be contacted by “robots”, and have the money sucked out of my account for chatting with ‘fake’ people who you thought were potential dates… but are instead EMPLOYEES of Ashley Madison. 

(yes, you heard me right…  and you can find more detailed stories on the apparent scam here).

This site has been created to get the REAL truth out there about Ashley Madison.  This is not an affiliate site trying to make money off the hype…  It’s a site dedicated to finding and sharing the truth…

The more I’ve dug into the way Ashley Madison functions, the more I truly believe that this is just a big scam…  I believe that it is and has been their business practice to create fake profiles to entice people to become paid members…  (It has been in their terms and conditions in one way or another since at least 2004!)

Please read on, and feel free to comment with your OWN story about your experience with Ashley Madison…

As a matter of fact, if you email me your story by clicking the link below, it will be put up as an entry on this site.  We need to make our voices heard so others don’t have the same bad experience…

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